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How does that work then?

Every few years, I write about my favourite technique for improving marketing copy, which is to keep asking “So what?”

However, a close relative to this is to keep asking a lovely colloquialism: “How does that work then?”

Instead of teasing out the hidden benefits, this one gets us to justify our claims.

  • “Our company is a leading supplier in the market…”
  • “How does that work then?”
  • “Well, er, we, er…”

One of the best ways to establish a solid business is to make it an accepted authority in its field. ‘Content marketing’ is tightly linked to this. Offering informative blogs, videos and white papers providing technology backgrounds and solving customer issues can make a real difference to the perception of a company. What all this content has in common is that it explains things.

If we get into the habit of explaining everything properly, we’ll avoid filling up our corporate marketing with meaningless twaddle, and our customers won’t switch off before they get to the good bits.