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What shouldn’t be on our home page?

I’ve written plenty of articles on what should go on a good home page – especially ‘above the fold’, or visible without scrolling. But what shouldn’t go there?

I’ll start with an oldie but goodie: slideshows, or ‘carousels’. They’ve never worked well, and never will. Their only function is to keep senior management happy by getting as much ‘stuff’ as possible mentioned on the home page, even if most visitors don’t see it.

Another  one is the endless parade of social media icons, especially when they’re right up in prime position, in the header section. There was a time (before some of our visitors were born) when ‘being on social media’ was something to show off about. Now, if they work, the links just take people away from the site. What’s the thinking behind that?

So what?

Next up: wasted copy. Every pixel of our home page is precious. Look at the text. Can it be shortened (and therefore possibly be made larger)? Have we been through the exercise of asking ourselves, repeatedly: “so what?”

On the subject of wasted space, are those images actually telling the story, or are they just filling space? Most prospects would rather see a photo of the building we’re in (which at least would be keeping it real) than that smiley model wearing a telephone headset. But we can do better than either of those possibilities.

Finally, popups. These are especially irritating on mobile devices, and that almost certainly represents more visitors than most of us think. Some – like cookie consent – may be necessary. We shouldn’t add to the clutter.