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Treat AI like someone on work experience

Many discussions I’ve had about content creation recently have been on the subject of when it’s appropriate to use generative AI and when it could be problematic.

Earlier last year I wrote: “For now, I’d only use these tools on projects which we might traditionally have deemed acceptable to give to an inexperienced external writer. That might be none at all.” That remains the case; perhaps it could be extended to: “I’d only use these tools on projects which we would traditionally have expected to check for accuracy ourselves before releasing.”

In other words, ChatGPT and the like are quite suitable to use as a time-saver and an ideas generator (just like an inexperienced external writer!) but we shouldn’t use them for producing content that we can’t or won’t verify for quality.

Much of the criticism we see of these tools comes from people who are trying to get the tools to come up with content they couldn’t create themselves, or who aren’t prepared to brief them properly. But if we treat them like someone on work experience, they’ll be the most productive interns we’ve ever employed.