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New services keep AI in the news

Some important new AI-based services have been announced in the past few days, from some of the biggest names in the tech sector, again demonstrating the transformation that’s taking place in the market.

Google has opened up a waiting list for its AI tool, Bard, which will be similar to ChatGPT. Previously, only a select group of “trusted testers” were able to access Bard. The initial rollout will be limited to the US and the UK before being made available in other countries.

Google is approaching the release of Bard with caution, and understandably so. The company cannot afford to risk its £200billion/year business with a problematic product, and it knows there will be thousands of users out there deliberately trying to break it.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is powering ahead with an AI-powered feature called Copilot. Last week, the company integrated this technology into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams. The result is seriously impressive for such an early-stage effort. Take a look:


With all this happening, don’t underestimate the demand in the short- to medium-term for the skill of “AI prompting” – it’s going to be huge.

Finally, Adobe has announced Firefly, which can not only make images but also allows users to edit them with written prompts. I’ll be taking a look at that and will report back tomorrow.