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ICYMI – All the blog posts from March 2023

Getting visual with generative AI

I’ve written a fair bit about the text side of generative AI, but it’s worth looking at what it can do with images too.

This is known as search intent

Content is more important than ever. But it needs to be targeting the people whose intent is what we want.

Writing emails that get results in 2023

The best emails are planned carefully before a word is written. The problem is, very few actually get the benefit of such consideration.

All about the martech stack

B2B marketing is getting worse at integrating its software systems, whereas consumer marketing is managing to improve the situation.

Seriously? An online store? In our market?

It may be worth thinking about whether an online store – even if nobody will use it – could still be a real asset.

Email list cleaning and validation. What’s not to like?

Failing to ensure that our customer email addresses are accurate and up to date can create more issues than we might think.

The art of the second contact

What about when we’ve had an indication of interest, but need to move things along? How should we approach that?

Making sure we at least get a chance

If we have products, services and markets that potential customers don’t associate us with, the remedy must be wide-ranging and ongoing.

Firefly: Adobe’s entry to the generative AI market

Although most of us are still waiting for access, here’s what we know about Adobe’s entry to the generative AI market so far.

How to be a ghostwriter

If we interview colleagues for authoritative technical articles, then we’re becoming a ghostwriter for that person.

What is an ‘Impressum’ page and do I need one?

If your company does business in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, why not add the ‘Impressum’ page they might be looking for?

Creating a good, actionable marketing plan

A good, actionable marketing plan should always precede allocation of funds, so at least there was some justification for trying to get it.

Scroll depth – a useful insight

As most of us are busy setting up the new Google Analytics 4, we’re probably trying to work out what useful stuff we should be tracking.

What shouldn’t be on our home page?

I’ve written plenty of articles on what should go on a good home page – especially ‘above the fold’ – but what shouldn’t go there?

New services keep AI in the news

Some important new AI-based services have been announced in the past few days, from Microsoft, Google and Adobe.

Have we done enough to warrant ranking?

Simply creating content and moving on is rarely enough to rank well. What else should we be doing, especially if we haven’t got results?

Will Google penalise us for AI-generated content?

Will Google penalise us for filling up our websites with low-quality, machine-generated articles? I think the answer is yes and no.

Don’t hide those new web pages away

Website owners get a little frustrated that their new page doesn’t appear in search engine results straight away. How do we fix this?

Creating the GA4 reports you really need

I’d highly recommend that we all try to specify the data we actually want from Google Analytics, and then try to create those reports.

Are our humans allowed to act in a human way?

A new book claims that “the world is perfecting the functional experience at the expense of the human experience.”

Treat AI like someone on work experience

ChatGPT and the like are quite suitable to use as a time-saver and an ideas generator (just like an inexperienced external writer!)