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Have we done enough to warrant ranking?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to identify a search term they want to rank for, tackle the problem, and then be frustrated that their efforts seem to come to nothing. This is especially irritating when it’s a fairly obscure term. Here are a few things to think about if that happens.

Have we done enough to warrant ranking? Writing a relevant article – even if it’s better than anything else on the web – isn’t necessarily enough. For Google to associate our site with the subject, we need a critical mass of content about that subject. I’ve had a blog for over 25 years where I’ve put all sorts of stuff, and it’s such a hodge-podge of content that it’s like a junk shop. Now, there may be some real gems in there, but who’d recommend visiting that junk shop when there’s a specialist shop next door selling exactly the product we need?

SEO beyond just creating the content

If we’ve failed, what are the sites that are ranking doing right? Have we considered SEO beyond just creating the content? Could the page title be improved? Is our content lacking in substance? Is the website a problem (e.g. in terms of speed, etc.)? Is the user experience poor, especially on mobile devices? Have we got links?

Simply creating content and moving on is rarely enough to rank well, and if a search engine presence was the reason to write the article in the first place, not ranking means we’ve wasted our time.