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Are our humans allowed to act in a human way?

If you like longer reads about marketing strategies, try a new book called The Human Experience by John Sills, which claims that “the world is perfecting the functional experience at the expense of the human experience.” It says that the best way for companies to increase their efficiency is to make things better for customers, but organisations are “full of humans who are not allowed to act in a human way.”

The solution is to invest time and effort into the human experience, but not just because it results in happier customers who buy more, or a stronger brand reputation. The reasons are also internal: “fewer calls, fewer surveys, fewer errors, fewer complaints and the vastly reduced attrition of employees.”

There are some great case studies, and it’s refreshing to read a good business book where they’re UK ones that we all recognise. What’s more, many of the principles are applicable even if we work in more niche industries away from the general public. I really enjoyed it.