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The stranger on the bus test

On more than one occasion recently I’ve mentioned the importance of website home pages communicating what we do, clearly and succinctly. If visitors don’t see quickly that we can provide what they need, they won’t hang around. I’m a great fan of home page design where the first thing the eye is drawn to is a main headline, before it tracks up to the company name or logo at the top.

Boom. We make widgets. Our name is the Blue Widget Company.

But what should the headline say? It’s pretty simple. If a stranger on the bus asked us what our business does, and we answered with what the headline says on our website’s home page, and they understood …it’s a good one.

If we answered with something like “Creating a Better Future with Exceptional Technology”, they’d have no idea what the business did. And, if that’s what we used for our headline on the website, nor would our visitors.

Try it.