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Keeping our pages from fighting each other over SEO

Just as it’s not unusual for a single web page to rank well in the search engines for several different search terms, it’s also possible for a number of pages on a site to rank for the same term. This could be an area for improvement, if we can redirect the search engine love for a secondary page to the primary one; after all, the ranking for that secondary result isn’t really going to help us much.

It could be that the secondary page isn’t really very important for anything at all, and the exercise that unearthed it may have also shown that the page doesn’t need to exist. Perhaps its content could be moved to the primary page, to give that one some additional content, and its URL redirected accordingly.

Alternatively, it’s likely that although two pages are ranking for the same basic search terms, they’re targeting different types of user intent, and therefore could be optimised to differentiate them. If nothing else, I’d ensure that the secondary page explicitly linked to the primary one with the specific anchor text that they’re both ranking for.