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ICYMI – All the blog posts from February 2023

More news on AI in search

I’m genuinely convinced now that this is a technological development as significant as the printing press or the internet.

How we can find out what our customers think

I received the most elegant piece of market research the other day, and I thought the idea was worth sharing.

Audience-building is going to be more important than ever

Rob Lennon, a commenter on generative AI, recently claimed that “ChatGPT and its competitors will upend digital marketing this year”

User Interface (or ‘UI’) vs User Experience (or ‘UX’)

Although there’s an overlap, the User Experience and the User Interface are different. Both concepts are worth understanding.

Making a blog section more focused

Company blogs can bring in unexpected search engine visits, which mount up over the years and can often be very commercially useful ones.

A technical checkup on SEO basics

We can all sleep easier at night if we do regular SEO checkups on our websites, either with a professional audit or a DIY approach.

How to use ‘input bias’ in marketing

Using ‘input bias’ in marketing is leveraging the inputs that created an outcome to influence the evaluation of that outcome.

No, we don’t want another GA4 property, thanks

Readers managing Google Analytics accounts might have had some slightly confusing messages about migrating to the new GA4.

The danger of assuming that trust exists

I’m actually prepared to believe the claim that trust in institutions is at an all-time low. So how do we encourage trust in our brand?

4 tips for a must-keep-watching video

a sales video, we need viewers to watch for as long as possible. How do we do that? There seem to be four major tips.

Google’s useful free “Keyword Planner” tool

Google’s “Keyword Planner” tool lives within the Google Ads service, and gives some extremely useful data for SEO.

How to improve a low-traffic B2B website without guesswork

What happens when our website only gets half a dozen visitors a day? How do we improve our sites without lots of visitor data?

Account-level exclusions added to Google Ads

We can now specify terms against which our ads will never show, in a single place, rather than copying them to every individual campaign.

Keeping our pages from fighting each other over SEO

If a number of pages on a site rank for the same term, it can be useful to redirect the love for the secondary page to the primary one.

Comparing competitors on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a nice way to get comparative data between companies for metrics including followers (and new followers). Here’s how it works.

The stranger on the bus test

If a stranger on the bus asks us what our business does, and we can answer with the headline on our home page, it’s a good one.

UTM tags work just fine in GA4

If whatever we did in ‘Universal Analytics’ is still functioning, then the old “utm” tags should be recorded just as before in GA4

How to create traffic alerts in Google Analytics 4

I recently wanted to re-create in GA4 some of my emailed notifications about notable increases or decreases in traffic, among other things.

Bringing it all together

If we think about our website content carefully, it’s often possible to identify some themes linking otherwise unconnected pages.