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How to improve a low-traffic B2B website without guesswork

I’ve been lucky enough in the past to manage websites with hundreds or even thousands of visitors a day. It doesn’t take long to see what they’re doing, and to see how they react to changes.

But what happens when our website only gets half a dozen visitors a day? How do we improve our sites then?

We can aggregate data over months to monitor the visitor ‘journey’, but refining things and waiting to see the outcome will take far longer than we have. Alternative approaches are necessary, and fortunately there are a few of these.

Watch and learn

The best is to get real people to use the site. Set them a task like “you want a blue widget with a 10 sprockets/minute throughput for marine applications, does our site look like it might have what you need, and can you find it?” Watch what they do, and record their actions. The results from this exercise frequently astonish website owners.

Another analysis technique is to get people who are familiar with the website, such as internal staff, to feed back. Or what about undertaking the same type of task as above on competitors’ sites, and seeing if there are any ideas that can be stolen?

Finally, surveys of existing customers are a potential good source of recommendations for improvement. It’s surprising how many people have irritations they’d never normally tell you about, but which they’re delighted to highlight when asked.