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Account-level exclusions added to Google Ads

Anyone running their own Google Ads campaigns might be interested to know that negative keywords can now be applied at the account level. This is something that many of us have wanted for a long time. It means that we can specify terms against which our ads will never show, in a single place. Previously, we had to remember to add that general list to every individual campaign in an account.

Why might we never want our ads to show against certain searches? For many businesses, the terminology applying to their products could have more than one meaning. For example, a manufacturer of pressure gauges for process plant and OEMs might never want their ads to show against searches to do with tyre pressure gauges, a more frequent search because of its everyday civilian uses. A supplier of blue widgets might want to try broader searches but only in the certainty that they’d never be featured in searches for ‘second hand blue widgets’, or ‘blue widget training’, or many other unwanted but common searches.

Adding these to every campaign is not hard, but updating all the lists when new, universally unwanted keywords are identified can be a chore. It’s a small but welcome addition!