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Why are our visitors not converting?

I was recently looking at a web page which had been steadily increasing in visitors sent from Google search last year, but which had stubbornly refused to increase the enquiries generated accordingly. Why was this?

One answer was revealed by a look at the referring search terms in Google Search Console. While the page was aimed at generating sales enquiries for the product, much of the content talked about how easy maintenance was, and a lot of the referring Google search terms  were about just that: maintenance. In other words, they were probably largely from existing users.

Secondly, while the page had always been promoted through search ads, there had been a long period in the year where some broader advertising keywords had been used. These had been scaled back after the conversion rate was shown to be low, but they added to the numbers.

There can be many reasons why the incoming traffic to our website doesn’t convert, without it necessarily being poor. The key is to not make judgements about what’s good and bad without serious investigation.