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Using Showcase Pages on LinkedIn

Any business prepared to put in a bit of effort to LinkedIn should be looking at Showcase Pages. Think of these as specialist pages targeted at specific product or service lines, or target audiences. Showcase Pages have the same posting options and analytics as the company LinkedIn Page, and are listed there under ‘Affiliated Pages’.

LinkedIn says: “A Showcase Page can … represent a brand, business unit, or organization initiative. Showcase Pages are intended to develop a long-term relationship with a specific audience and shouldn’t be used for short-term marketing campaigns.”

To begin with, I’d recommend looking at other companies’ Showcase Pages. There are some good roundups online. Sketch out the content beforehand, including thinking about the page name and appropriate search keywords to use. Then, when creating the pages, ensure all the fields are complete – it does seem to have an impact on discovery and engagement.

Like any such resource, a LinkedIn Showcase is a commitment. This means keeping up with adding posts. Address questions, and educate readers, using material from across the company’s content collection such as articles, White Papers, videos, case studies, etc. However, keep on topic!