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Supercharge your FAQs with schema markup

A frequently-asked questions page is something that almost every website can benefit from. Not only does it help customers by giving them answers without them needing to contact us (or go elsewhere!), it’s another way that we can show that we know what we’re talking about.

What’s more, we can get some great rankings when the questions are the sort of thing that people might be researching on search engines. To do this, it helps if we add FAQ Schema markup. This is some behind-the-scenes code that can seriously improve our chances of search engines using our text as the answer to a generic question.

The results can be great. For example, I have a page which ranks top on Google for searches on ‘4-20mA Aerospace Widgets’. This had a couple of questions and answers on it anyway, so I added the appropriate code created by this markup generator. As a result, I’ve started seeing the two questions appear beneath the page’s appearance in the Google results:

Screenshot of Google results

To add FAQ Schema to a website is not hard. There’s a really good introduction in FAQ Schema For Beginners (With Examples) on the Granwehr website.