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Making a video that gets the message over

What makes for an effective B2B video advertisement? The B2B Institute, a research group at LinkedIn, looked at 600 ads in the tech sector and declared that 71% of them were so weak creatively that “they are unlikely to contribute to long-term market share growth”.

So what elements worked? The elements which generated the most positive emotions were everyday settings, fast cut scenes and a proper story arc. The report on the research says that “Positive emotions… matter because they are more likely to grab and hold attention. If you can capture a potential customer’s attention, they are more likely to remember your ad, and they are more likely to remember your company when shopping for a vendor down the line.”

Huge wasted opportunity

It seems to be ubiquitous for B2B technology advertisers to present their brand at the end of an advertisement. But if the advertisement does not effectively engage viewers, they may not remain engaged long enough to see the brand, which is a huge wasted opportunity. The research indicates that brands presenting their name or logo early in the advertisement (such as in an opening card or throughout the advertisement using a watermark) achieve 30-40% higher brand recognition compared to those that do not. However, only a small number of ads do this.

Now, it may be that many of us aren’t making video ads, and aren’t planning to do so. However, a lot of the takeaways can be applied to any presentation videos. It makes sense to show products in identifiable settings, to use multiple angles and shot types, and to base the video on a three-act structure. It also makes sense to get the branding in from the start and not be so arrogant as to assume every viewer is eagerly waiting for the final screen.