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ICYMI – All the blog posts from January 2023

Give us a clue

You want ChatGPT to write something, but in a particular style. How do you define this style? It turns out, you can just ask.

How might ChatGPT take on Google (as we know it)?

Increasingly, people want to find out how to do something, and that’s where ChatGPT can already provide better answers than a search engine.

Learning SEO needn’t be hard

I’m often asked to recommend training courses, most commonly in SEO, but here’s a list someone else did, which gives you a wide choice.

Becoming the source for industry news

If you’re already running an email newsletter for customers, could this be the basis for a more general publication?

The beauty of clean images

If we have our product photographed in an odd way, it’s going to make search engine image recognition a lot harder.

How to chair a successful meeting

Has anything much changed in the era of Zoom meetings? It would seem not. The same half dozen rules apply as ever.

Making a video that gets the message over

It makes sense to show products in identifiable settings, to use multiple angles, and to base the video on a three-act structure.

Making a contact page more helpful

People get in touch with us through our website for a number of reasons. What’s the best way to handle the process?

An exercise in using AI for keyword research

Let’s see if we can use ChatGPT to help create better articles with real SEO potential for our websites, and faster too.

Revisiting those calls to action

When undertaking a review of the call to action at the end of any piece of sales collateral, the two things I ask myself are this.

If you build it, they will come

What are our prospects asking that we might be the answer for? These questions should be the basis of any great content.

The uncertain future for search

It’s quite possible nobody knows more about AI than Google. The company is just choosing not to deploy that expertise in full yet.

Do we know why we’re beating the competition?

We might try to pretend in our promotional material that the competition doesn’t exist, but customers are making the comparison.

Supercharge your FAQs with schema markup

We can get some great rankings for FAQs on search engines. To do this, it helps if we add FAQ Schema markup.

We need to be part of our customers’ community

Customers want suppliers who understand them, and we need to put in a lot more effort if it’s not obvious from the way we position ourselves.

The year of artificial intelligence

There is some excellent analysis on AI being written almost daily, some of it by humans. It’s something that will affect all of us.

What do engineers like?

I’ve found the annual GlobalSpec State of Marketing to Engineers report to be very interesting for a number of years. Here’s the new one.

Using Showcase Pages on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are specialist pages targeted at specific product or service lines, or target audiences.

Customer Journey Mapping on Google

How to identify the topics potential clients are querying, the search intent, the most important ‘touchpoints’ on Google and their timeline.

Why are my visitors not converting?

There can be many reasons why the incoming traffic to our website doesn’t convert, without it necessarily being poor.