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Your ads, your way

If you run your own Google Ads campaigns, I’ve advised in the past not to blindly accept the ‘recommendations’ that Google puts your way. If you use an agency, and your account shows that 100% of the recommendations have been implemented, it may be worth getting some justification as to why this has been done.

This is because Google is no different to any other media sales organisation. Would you talk to a magazine and just say “whatever you think is best” when they ask about the size, position or even cost of an advert? Of course not. So don’t with Google either, no matter how persuasive they’re making the “we think you’ll get better results if you do this” argument. To be fair, they do want you to get better results (why wouldn’t they?) …but they also want to manage their ad inventory to make themselves more money.

There were reports recently that Google has been offering advertisers $100 to allow its recommendations to apply automatically. Several respected advertising agencies have taken to social media to give that one a firm “no”.