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More bases to cover

There are many ways of categorising the content we need to cover in our marketing, and I’ve mentioned several in the past. Another one is by thinking of the buying process as stages called Awareness, Consideration and Decision-Making. None of these are hard to understand, but they’re a good way of assessing what we have within our marketing collateral (including our websites) and our promotional targets.

With Awareness, we need to be ensuring that potential customers know we exist. This means staying in the news and investing in brand awareness, as well as product and service advertising.

For the Consideration stage, we need to be providing enquirers with good information about the products and services, and assuring them that we know what we’re talking about. This is where how-to guides, background white papers and case studies come in.

Finally, with Decision-Making, we need to be confirming that we have the best answer to the prospects’ needs. That includes providing demonstrations (such as videos), as well as testimonials.

Many businesses may concentrate too much on supporting one or two of these three stages. Neglecting one could be a mistake, but an easy medium-term fix.