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ICYMI – All the blog posts from December 2022

A counterintuitive view of slideshows

The most boring presentations are where the presenter is led along by the slides, so how do we make sure slides are just illustrations?

Justifying the cost of overhauling a website

Most of us end up going for the budget-busting, stress-inducing option of an occasional website rebuild, instead of constant improvement.

Think before you ‘insert chart’

Most charts and graphs we see in business are poor, and possibly even incomprehensible. This needn’t be the case.

Why ‘bounce rate’ is being retired

‘Bounce rate’ in Google Analytics is useful, but has confused many people and resulted in many website owners making bad decisions.

Canonical URLs and why they help SEO

A ‘canonical’ is the URL that we want to be the definitive one for the page, and it’s important that the search engines understand what it is

Why DIY photography needs a bit of effort

I wouldn’t put off anyone from doing their product photography in-house, but like anything else, a decent amount of training is essential.

On the role of awareness…

Awareness can be problematic because of the lack of sales attribution. It’s all about reach, yet often it’s driven by fear of missing out.

Getting a featured snippet in the search results

While there’s no direct required formatting to do this, experts agree that presenting information in a certain manner can help.

Be less clever

It’s very satisfying to come up with a clever pun or alliteration, but in the wrong place, it can actually cost us readers …and money.

How ‘engagement rate’ works

Bounce rate is available in GA4, but it’s now the inverse of a new metric called ‘engagement rate’, which assesses visits differently.

Your ads, your way

If you use an agency, and your account shows that 100% of the Google Ads ‘recommendations’ have been implemented, ask why this has been done.

More bases to cover

Many businesses may concentrate too much on supporting one or two of the three buying stages of Awareness, Consideration and Decision-Making

Getting better results from search advertising

How to Lower Your Cost Per Lead in Google Ads on the WordStream blog is one of those articles that I simply couldn’t have written better


Our marketing needs to be serious. We’re not going to sell much with humour. But it’s important not to equate seriousness with being boring.

A list of useful tools from Google

I promise that not only will there be some here you haven’t heard about, there’ll probably be some you can take advantage of too.