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Getting better results from search advertising

How to Lower Your Cost Per Lead in Google Ads: 8 Tried & True Tips on the WordStream blog is one of those articles that I simply couldn’t have written better, so I’m just going to link to it for those of you who manage your own Google Ads campaigns. For those of you who use agencies like BMON, you might find it interesting anyway because it shows the sort of things we have to do when maintaining an account.

The article makes the excellent point that lowering cost per lead can be achieved in many ways, but really we need to improve a wide range, including:

  • Look at “limited by budget” campaigns
  • Improve Quality Score
  • Optimize account structure
  • Adjust bids for manual/enhanced CPC campaigns
  • Adjust targets for automatic bidding campaigns
  • Nurture, pause, or negate keywords according to their performance
  • Optimize for conversion
  • Make sure online and offline conversion tracking is in top shape