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Why integrating our online presence is a win

For those of us whose businesses are using social media (such as LinkedIn and Twitter, perhaps Facebook or Instagram), it’s a must-do to link between them. This works both for real web users, moving them from one channel to another, and for search engines, which are trying to quantify the online importance of a business. Once Google has established that a LinkedIn company page or a Twitter feed belongs to a certain business, it will not only show those on searches for the business name, but it will start to associate the terms used in the social media activity with the company website. And that’s a good thing.

When it comes to Google ranking, links from social media don’t count in the same way that links from authoritative websites do. However, they will be followed, both by customers and machines alike. So it’s important that any ‘profile pages’ on social media include links to the company website, and have solid, keyword-rich content.

Similarly, the website should link to social media accounts, but hiding these links away in the footer is just fine – we don’t want to be encouraging people to get distracted and follow them as a first action on arrival. If there’s content which might be shareable, sharing links are good, but don’t include these on pages by default.