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ICYMI – All the blog posts from November 2022

Control of search ads continues to fall

I fear that Google search advertising is going to continue in its descent into oversimplification, and we need to be aware of things.

Why are there search terms missing in Google Search Console?

Many users of Google Search Console notice that the data does not always seem to be quite complete. Why is this?

A simple guide to presenting articles on a website

We want to know how to present an article to maximise its performance in the search engines. What should we do?

Making the most of YouTube’s analytical data

It’s important to be frequently taking a look at the in-depth analytics provided by YouTube, and seeing what we can learn.

Getting new websites into the search results from day one

It’s important to submit a new site to the search engines several weeks in advance of its unveiling, even if it’s just a teaser home page

How can we respond more quickly?

There have been plenty of studies that show faster response to enquiries gets massively more beneficial results.

Step by step to GA4

A new video video is a great watch for anyone needing a 5-minute step-by-step guide to installing Google Analytics 4

Improving Quality Score on Google Ads

If you manage your own Google Ads campaigns and haven’t looked at the Quality Score figures for a while, it’s time to do so.

Top tips for video with a smartphone

Current smartphones are easily good enough for everyday stuff such as product demonstrations, interviews and ‘how-to’ videos.

Coping with a recession

Will our customers return to their old expectations, or could things be permanently changed, as happened a couple of years ago?

Unpopular ways of searching

Zero volume keywords have traditionally been relatively easy to rank highly on, so SEO consultancies love to talk up their effectiveness.

Why integrating our online presence is a win

Once Google sees that a LinkedIn company page or a Twitter feed belongs to a business, it will show those on searches for the business

Getting on with creating a new content schedule

Answer The Public will come back with hundreds of ideas in the form of questions that people are asking Google, and much more.

Planning for an entirely online marketing world

Marketers still using ‘offline’ advertising and marketing need to consider how whatever they’re still using it for can be taken online.

Identifying the steps to a sale

To provide the right marketing resources for every stage of the sales process, it’s necessary to understand the steps in that process.

Just get stuff done

Whatever it is we know we should do more of, we need to start getting that done before we invest in management tools.

How to create good alt text for images

It’s recommended that we don’t just describe the image in ‘alt text’, but also say a bit about why it’s there.

DebugBear – a useful tool for speedy sites

A useful tool to have in our arsenal is DebugBear, which has been offering speed measurement for two or three years, and is now very smart.

Do image file names matter for SEO?

Should you rename that image BWC09881.jpg to blue-widget-internal-view.jpg to add an additional flag as to what it’s about?

A great place to start for website managers

If you’re introducing anyone else to the world of website management, especially SEO, Google’s guidelines is a great place for them to start.

All about anchor text

An article on Search Engine Journal explains how to manage the links within a website and (if we can) those linking to the site.