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Getting on with creating a new content schedule

Tools to help us with keyword research and content creation come and go, but Answer The Public has been around for a while now, and that’s significant, as these tools get a lot more data (and therefore work better) with age.

All we have to do is to enter a couple of words describing whatever we’re wanting to create content about (e.g. ‘blue widgets’) and Answer The Public will come back with hundreds of ideas. These are in the form of questions that people are asking Google (why/what/how etc.) and much more. It’s very easy to click through and see the existing results, and spot opportunities.

From this, there’s no reason why any of us can’t create a content schedule for the next year or more – a schedule that might involve adding a potentially traffic-grabbing article every week, for example.

Not got the time? Commissioning someone to write these pieces is a lot better value than flinging out unmeasured, vanity print advertising, for example, and I still se a lot of that from companies whose websites remain content-light. There are other approaches to marketing!