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Where are you?

One very basic website function that is often neglected is that of showing a business’s location. If someone has got as far as looking up where we are on our website, they’re probably of interest to us, and we should really set out to impress them.

First of all, we need to make it easy to find the location page. Visitors are probably fine with guessing it’s under the ‘about’ or ‘contact’ heading, but if there’s a chance to add a ‘location’ or ‘locations’ link, it’s worth considering.

Once visitors are on the page, what are they likely to be looking for? Perhaps it’s the question: “Is this business close to me?” If our business has more than one location, a simple national or international map is a must. If it’s a more local business, a simple map of its whereabouts in the town or county might be more appropriate.

More commonly, they’ll be asking: “How do I get there?” Although most people use services such as Google Maps to navigate, I’m not a fan of embedding the maps in a website. They’re difficult to navigate around, and I much prefer to see a link to Google Maps instead, which will open more appropriately on my device.

I also like to see a photo of the business’s office or building. It gives a reassuring feeling of legitimacy. If that’s not possible, because the building really doesn’t look that impressive, an internal shot of the office could suffice. But it’s a chance to make things ‘real’ that shouldn’t be overlooked.