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The data in your email management service

If we’re marketing to our customers by email, we may be sitting on a lot more data than we’re exploiting. In particular, I’m thinking of the fact that many email management services keep records of which recipient clicked on what. This can be used in general segmentation of customers by interest, but it’s also particularly useful in following up our mailings.

Supposing we send a newsletter to 200 contacts, with 3 or 4 items in it. One is a product update, and it gets 25 clickthroughs and then (from the landing page) 5 requests for more information.

Referring back to the email management service report for the mailing will give us 20 prospects who were keen enough to want to read more, but didn’t then get in touch. These should surely be ideal candidates for a follow-up.

Most of us can think of niche offers we’d like to make to a specific group of prospects, but we wouldn’t want to blast the offer out to everyone. Perhaps our email management system can give us a good start on identifying those prospects.