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ICYMI – All the blog posts from October 2022

Turning around an unsatisfied customer

Some good advice to make your next confrontation easier for you, better for your company, and much more satisfying to the customer.

How search advertising has changed

Once upon a time we wrote a headline and a bit of text underneath, and saw that exact advert show only where we specified it…

Five things you can check with a site crawl

Site managers who are on top of things are the ones who crawl their sites frequently with a website ‘spider’.

How to move a website to a new domain

Here’s an excellent guide to something you’d hope would only be necessary very rarely: changing the domain name of a website

Real people don’t talk like machines

Google’s summer 2022 ‘Helpful Content Update’ aims to make it harder for pages with disappointing content to rank well in the search results

Does your business offer WhatsApp interaction?

If we’ve already decided to implement Live Chat on our website, offering WhatsApp as an alternative should be considered seriously.

Where are you?

If someone has got as far as looking up where we are on our website, we should really set out to impress them.

How storytelling can be at the heart of B2B marketing

True case studies can be storytelling content, but even short product descriptions can be presented as a story, if we have the imagination.

Ignore the jargon, write in English

Google has little interest in how often terms appear in a document, and thousands of websites have been penalised for ‘keyword stuffing’

Google talks about descriptions

Google doesn’t often update its guidelines for things like description meta tags, but it has recently, and we should probably take notice.

Overcoming the F-shaped problem

If our words reflow to fit a screen, what will the user see if they scan in an F shape? We need to force the content into the shape we want.

Is a dedicated landing page worth it?

If the promotion aims to get responders to take a specific action, then having a focused landing page is a very good idea.

Should we still use a descriptive URL?

I’d still use URLs based on the page title if you get the choice and it’s not much (or any) effort to do so.

The relationship between press releases and SEO

The format of a good press release has never really changed; but the reason for writing one is now back to what it was thirty years ago.

What does the sales team really need?

It’s really more about what the customer wants, needs and expects. What’s appropriate to the products or services we’re selling?

The data in your email management service

Many email management services keep records of which recipient clicked on what, which can be particularly useful in follow-up mailings.

Don’t set out just to write a list

‘List posts’ are effective, but it’s unlikely that we’ll get a good list-based article if we simply set out to write one.

A great spot for a video

A great place to promote a company video, and one that’s not used often, is as part of an email signature.

Bringing content marketing to life

An impressive case study on the blog explains how a content marketing exercise for a financial company worked.

Understanding page speed better

Google PageSpeed Insights Reports: A Technical Guide on Search Engine Journal is a comprehensive explanation of the tool.

Highlighting customer care

Some businesses really look after their customers, but they make a huge mistake if they forget to draw attention to that up front.