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When privacy might affect trust

Records of all website domain names are kept in a large database which can be easily accessed at sites like It doesn’t tell us much, but owners have the option to make this information ‘private’. Why would you though? If we want to be trusted (and this is now very important with Google), we need to be as open as possible.

I’m not suggesting that hiding details of our website’s ownership is going to kill us in the search engine results, but it can’t help.

If we look up details of some of the largest companies, they are quite happy to allow not only details such as the domain name registration dates to be exposed, they’re happy to show contact details. It’s only the company address, after all.

And if you think about it, search engines might easily take it as a positive signal if the street address on our website domain name registration matches the one on our website.

Take a look at what you’ve got. It’s easy to change if it’s your website.