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ICYMI – All the blog posts from September 2022

The print-to-online challenge

Making it easy for people who see something in print to then follow it up online remains a challenge. They won’t type in URLs.

Applying the Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory to content

The Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory means understanding the situation our customer may be in, what their problem is, and their desired outcome.

The difference in the B2B call to action

There’s a transaction going on, and we should make it about what ‘you’ (the customer) will get from the deal.

How do we deal with Generation Z?

Our customer base continues to change, and we need to be aware of it. So who are Gen Z, the youngest people we’re having to deal with?

The key to a good presentation

Giving a really good presentation to a live audience, can boil down to just having confidence. Here are some ideas to help.

Be helpful.

Google is introducing a ‘helpful content update’ which I assume is aimed at a certain type of website, not company B2B websites.

It all in the way the offer is phrased

Which of these offers would you rather have? A free half pint of beer with every pint you buy? Or a pint at half price?

Google Ads: be careful when offered unsolicited support

Calls from helpful ‘account strategists’ at Google aim to get advertisers to spend more money. The advice is not necessarily in your interest.

Why we might be our own best copywriter

Talking to existing customers (or at a pinch, our sales people) is something we can all do, and will give us such a head start.

SEO isn’t what it used to be

The most important Google ranking factor is the quality of the content: good news if we know what we’re talking about

You didn’t know you needed this

We know that we have something better to sell customers, but that doesn’t mean that they have a problem, never mind being in pain.

Where gated content works

‘Gated’ content is not intrinsically a bad idea, but it’s often done without thought, or a plan. And that does make it a bad idea.

Make that navigation tell a story

Take a look at any website: do the navigation labels list what visitors have come for? Which of these works better?

Do I delete old pages?

An withdrawn product page can be transformed into a guide to remaining resources about the product and links to any new products.

When privacy might affect trust

Might search engines might take it as a positive signal if the address on our domain registration matches the one on our website?

How to quickly create a video ad for YouTube

For those of us who don’t have the enthusiasm or ability to create video ads, Google has come to our rescue.

Website fonts are important

Change a font and you can completely change the feel of a document or website. I’ve seen dull old websites transformed in this way.

Might they want to hear from us again?

Two types of people who don’t open our emails: those who’ll never want them; and those who may want them in the future

How simple surveys make cunning content

Too often, so-called ‘market research’ is no more than a survey. However, there is a useful role for simple surveys.