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How to quickly create a video ad for YouTube

For those of us interested in testing out video ads – especially on YouTube – but who don’t have the enthusiasm or ability to create the ads, Google has come to our rescue. The Google Ads Video Creation Tool just takes a few still images, a logo and some headlines, and compiles them all into a short video advert.

The company says: “The templates are made for YouTube, meaning they have optimal pacing, brand and product placements and prominent calls to action. They are designed to help your ad stand out and drive results. With templates guiding you, the complexity of creating a video disappears and you can spend more time developing your messaging, audience insights or campaign strategy.”

I spent about 15 minutes working out what I needed to do and where everything was, then about 5 minutes actually making my first advert. It wasn’t too bad. Definitely worth a try. There’s more information here.