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Google Ads: be careful when offered unsolicited support

Those of you who manage your own Google Ads search advertising campaigns will be used to calls from helpful ‘account strategists’ at Google. As a business which manages Google Ads on behalf of many companies, we’re inundated with these calls, wanting to ‘improve’ what we do for our clients.

All this outreach support must be costing Google a fortune. So what’s in it for them?

As you’d expect, it’s a strategy to get advertisers to spend more money. That wouldn’t be so bad if the advice was cost-effective. But in our experience, it’s often quite the opposite. So be careful.

Google has outsourced much of this unsolicited support to third-party consultancies, and these make their ‘account strategists’ work on targets that may not have your interests at heart. Remember, they want you to spend more money.

The ‘Recommendations’ section of the Google Ads interface should be treated with equal skepticism. It’s very hard to resist when they tell you you’re 95% of the way to having a perfect score, and to get full marks, you just need to do something which will use up your budget more quickly.

Annoyingly, if you use an agency to manage your search advertising, Google (or at least the third-party consultancies it uses) will still often make direct contact with you. In that case, please tell them politely to go away and not to contact you directly any more. Whether the agency you use is BMON or almost anyone else, the chances are that your account is being managed well, and would not benefit from the ‘helpful’ advice on offer.