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Why LinkedIn advertising may deserve more respect

I won’t profess to be a LinkedIn advertising expert, although I have colleagues here who are. However, I often meet marketing folk who are surprised at what it can do, so it’s worth summarising the basics.

The advantage that LinkedIn has over every other B2B advertising host is that it knows exactly who the majority of its viewers are, down to an individual level. If any of us are signed into LinkedIn and are browsing around, the site knows what our job title is, who we work for, where we are, and lots more besides. And it can offer that to advertisers.

But the targeting on offer goes further than the advertiser being able to specify: “Show this ad to production engineers in the UK”. Ads can be personalised – including their content – on a per-company basis, or even down to an individual user level. You may even have seen ads that say something like: “Chris, take a look at this website”.

I’d recommend some research on this option. Some businesses just throw it under a ‘social media expenditure’ budget, but I think it warrants closer attention than this slightly neglectful approach.