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Solid answers mean solid ranking

If you’re writing an article to rank well in the search engine results, it’s worthwhile doing it properly. According to How Long Should A Top Blog Post Be? We Asked 100+ SEO Experts on the Jasper blog, articles as short as 300 words can rank highly, especially if there’s little competition. However, the research quoted suggests that a stronger blog post length is between 1500 and 2500 words, and that means a lot more work.

It’s important not to be governed by length though. The main aim should be thoroughly answering the ‘search intent’ without repetition or padding. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s no reason why closely-related search queries can’t be answered in the same article to build it up in a logical way. As one of the contributors to the article above says: “although content length is correlated with higher rank, it doesn’t cause it.”

And what if there really isn’t a sensible way to make an article appear weighty through words alone? That’s when supporting graphics and videos come in. Ensure that search engines know these are relevant by solid use of captions and meta tags.