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Promoting YouTube videos through ‘clips’

There’s a nice little feature available in YouTube which doesn’t seem to be used that much (yet), but it’s worth getting acquainted with. ‘YouTube clips’ allow us to cut out a few seconds of a video and post this elsewhere (for example, social media) – but the great thing is that when clicked, the user is taken through to the video on YouTube and offered the whole thing.

One use for this is if you have a product video but you want to highlight just one section to someone – for example, a specific part of a demonstration. Of course, it’s always been possible to give people a link to a specific point of a video but giving them a specific ‘clip’ is even neater.

Use YouTube clips as follows. Go to your video, and if the feature is available, there should be a scissors (‘Clip’) icon by the “Share” button. Choose the section you want to share as a clip by dragging the sliders, then add a title and click on the “Share” button to get a link or post to social media. It’s pretty straightforward.