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Is your home page all about you?

The other day I went to the website of an independent kitchen fitter. Fortunately, the home page didn’t have some woolly marketing-speak like: “John Smith’s Home Meal Preparation Hardware Installation Solutions”. But it also didn’t say: “John Smith: Kitchen Fitter”, the sort of  ‘get-to-the-point’ headline I’d normally recommend.

It went one better than that.

The first thing you saw, next to a photo of John Smith working in someone’s home, was the headline quote from a customer: “John Smith came and built exactly the kitchen I’d always wanted”.

The reason this worked so well was that a prospect coming to the site doesn’t want to buy a kitchen fitter. They want a new kitchen. And the headline in this case implied: “This guy can make your new kitchen happen”.

Does the home page of your website sell the actual thing that prospects want? Or is it all about you?