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ICYMI – All the blog posts from August 2022

Setting up a report in Google Analytics 4

How to set up a useful customised report in GA4, and the principle by which any report can be created and saved for future access.

That all-important ‘out of office’ message

Holidays can cause stress at work in the build-up, or on our return. How can we ensure a holiday is a proper break from work?

Ideas for videos to get sales results

Some of these could be done in a few minutes and don’t even need to involve colleagues. What are you waiting for?

Can you write better headlines? Yes – and here’s how

If an article is worth spending an hour (or a day) writing, surely it’s worth 15 minutes coming up with the most critical element of all?

There’s no excuse for not making websites more accessible

Accessibility means the usability of sites for those with hearing, visual or physiological impairments. You should not ignore this.

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 (or Web 3) is an internet owned by its users, not by controlling entities, but one which can still be trusted.

Spending time on our appearance

Many people look at our LinkedIn profile page. And one of the first things they see? The ‘profile headline’.

When should we use ‘AI’ or ‘machine generated’ content?

For now, I’d only use these tools on projects which we might traditionally have given to an inexperienced external writer.

Why we all need a company blog

The best thing of all about a blog is that it’s easy to set up a subscription service to receive new additions by email.

We need to tackle ‘the best’ in SEO

A high ranking article called ‘the best blue widgets’ doesn’t have to list competitors, if we think creatively.

Who renews your website’s SSL certificate?

While renewal of a certificate is normally a trivial procedure, it’s important to be on top of where your SSL certificate is managed

Life on the road

The age of the 50,000-mile-a-year-plus sales rep is over, right? Well, it appears not. In a lot of companies, sales is back on the road.

Website sign-in that makes it easy for the user

Website designers today should know all about auto-generated passwords, simple two-factor authentication and magic links.

Playing the SEO game by considering the user

One way to get a higher click-through rate from search engine results is for the title of the page to align with the user’s intent.

Why LinkedIn advertising may deserve more respect

The advantage that LinkedIn has over every other B2B advertising host is that it knows exactly who the majority of its viewers are.

Solid answers mean solid ranking

If you’re writing an article to rank well in the search engine results, it’s worthwhile doing it properly. But don’t be governed by length.

A checklist of things to do for SEO – and it’s free

If you ever wanted a checklist of things to do when it comes to search engine optimisation, here’s the best one I’ve ever seen.

Promoting YouTube videos through ‘clips’

When ‘YouTube clips’ are clicked, the user is taken through to the video on YouTube and offered the whole thing.

Is your home page all about you?

Does the home page of your website sell the actual thing that prospects want? Because that’s what they’ve come for.

What words make you want to scream?

If you remember, last week I asked What words make you want to scream? We’ve had a lot of fun reading your replies, and here they are.