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A checklist of things to do for SEO – and it’s free

If you ever wanted a checklist of things to do when it comes to search engine optimisation, Shaun Anderson of Hobo SEO has recently produced the best one I’ve ever seen. There’s a free version, and a £150 more advanced version, but the former will be quite enough to be getting on with. If you allocate specific time to SEO, or if you’re employing someone to take on the task, it’s a terrific guide to the jobs that need to be done and the tools needed to do them.

In Shaun’s words, “The Hobo SEO Checklist & Task Manager is a collection of online spreadsheets to help you manage your SEO project from both a site-wide level and a page-level perspective. Altogether, the tabs in the sheet map out an SEO project in a manner that leaves no critical element overlooked.” Check through all the sheet tabs to see the full extent.

Hobo also offers a free SEO training course, which delivers best practice guides as a series of emails.