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The consumer journey perspective

The idea of the ‘consumer journey’ is important in business-to-consumer marketing, but it has a relevance in B2B marketing too. I’d definitely recommend reading around the subject and seeing what you can take from it.

One of the things I’ve learned from it over the years is that there are distinct stages in the process of buying. If we then think about the various places where prospects may come into contact with our business, we can think about how they interact.

Let’s say that our consumer journey is in three parts: the awareness stage (realising that they need to do something); the consideration stage (discovering what to do); and the decision stage (choosing who to do it). Let’s also say that we’ve identified that we’re interacting with prospects in four main ways: through our website; our email marketing; our trade exhibition presence; and our trade magazine advertising.

This means we can create a 3×4 grid, and think about how each of the stages of the consumer journey is being handled by each medium. Is it relevant? If so, is it being addressed well, or at all?

It’s a good way of getting some perspective on our marketing, either in general terms or on a per-product basis, as well as identifying some real opportunities.