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ICYMI – All the blog posts from July 2022

SEO – where the AI can help out

One piece of low-hanging fruit for artificial intelligence is almost certainly going to be in search engine optimisation.

Alternatives to webinars we shouldn’t ignore

I think that many businesses write off video sales presentations and automated webinars, which could be a missed opportunity.

Website support for overseas distributors

We may have overseas distributors for our products, but is either party really making much of an effort online?

Demonstrating expertise through video

It’s an easy and effective content win to put our company’s technical experts in front of a camera. But what should go in these videos?

Getting the best response from an email

If somebody’s read through an email and is interested, why should it matter if the link is text or a button? And yet… these things matter.

Be wary of Google Ads ‘upgrades’

For those of us in B2B sectors who don’t get hundreds of clicks a day, Google’s learning time could cost us a lot of missed opportunities.

Telling a tale through subheadings

On-screen document subheadings are now so common that many readers struggle to get through much without the relief of seeing one.

Should we ask Google to re-index our pages?

If there’s an old page which has been updated significantly, there’s little to lose in resubmitting it just to ensure the changes get noticed.

Who’s advertising on Facebook?

From a straw poll of our advertisers, I’d suggest very few companies are, in the industrial and scientific B2B sector.

Responsive search ads are now where we start

Expanded text ads were comfortable to work with – we all felt in control. RSAs force us to concede some of this control to machine learning.

How to create an article through outlining

Outlining an article before writing it is an established technique. Some writers do this all the way almost to individual paragraphs.

Don’t neglect the links in press releases

We all know that we need to include links within a press release, getting us valuable SEO benefits. But where should the links go?

Choosing a tool for team communication

If Slack didn’t exist, I’d be looking at these, because I couldn’t do without at least some form of communication and collaboration nowadays.

The consumer journey perspective

Here’s a good way of getting some perspective on our marketing, as well as identifying some real opportunities.

Watching the numbers on our videos

YouTube has some fantastic analytics information available, better than any other social media site, and it can be very educational.

Don’t worry, search engines can cope

I was delighted to read some clarification from Google that the search engine reads up to 15MB of HTML page code …which is a lot.

It’s not an unreasonable expectation

Copywriters and PR companies aren’t SEO consultants. But they should be using all the tools at their disposal.

Hyphens or underscores?

If the file you’re saving is heading for the web, then you may as well use hyphens rather than underscores to separate words.

Getting that brief right

When we outsource creative services, if we’re not clear about what we want, we won’t get as good an outcome, and the cost may well rise.

Get up to date with Google Search Console

A Complete Google Search Console Guide For SEO Pros is an up-to-date overview which all website managers should make a note of.