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Don’t worry, search engines can cope

Have you ever published a web page and wondered if there was a bit too much content on it for the search engines to handle? Probably not. But I don’t have better things to do, so I was delighted to read some clarification from Google that the search engine reads up to 15MB of HTML code …which is a lot. This just refers to the basic page code, not the images or scripts it might link to.

SEO experts have traditionally recommended keeping pages to no more than 0.1Mb in size, which is just a fraction of what turns out to be the Google limit. So while it’s as important as ever to have a low amount of HTML code behind each page, to minimise loading time, there’s no need to worry that in longer pages, content will be ignored by search engines.

Here’s a tool which will quickly show us the size of a page on our website.