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Don’t neglect the links in press releases

If our press release distribution procedure is effective, the news should be picked up and run widely, with various degrees of rewriting. We all know that we need to include links within each press release, in the hope that whoever reproduces or rewrites it leaves these in, getting us valuable SEO benefits. But where should the links go?

There are two things I consider important, which can be combined. The first is to actually link from some solid search-term-relevant anchor text. The second is to link early in the press release, in case someone is just reproducing the first part of it.

As an example, if this article was a press release talking about press releases, I’d get an instance of that search term early in the text, and link that term directly …exactly as I’ve done above. Then, if some outlet did just copy and paste just the introductory paragraph of the press release, we might increase our chances of getting a desirable link included.

Of course, attribution and more information links should be provided at the end of the release, with the URL shown in full. But getting something in early as I’ve described is a cost-free addition.