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Demonstrating expertise through video

As everyone knows, it’s an easy and effective content win to put our company’s technical experts in front of a camera and getting them to show that they know their stuff. A video like this can certainly pull people into our website in the first place, but more importantly, it can be used to provide critical support material within the product pages if they’ve arrived in a more conventional way. But what should go in these videos?

The content should be no different really to a good seminar or sales presentation. Its presenter should begin with the spoken equivalent of a headline – a question, a benefit, whatever tells the viewers that they need to watch this (e.g. “How can a blue widget save you money?”). This should be followed by some context (e.g. “In this video I’m going to demonstrate how…”). If appropriate, tell a quick story, such as a case study.

Watch this financial advisor for a compelling example of how to do it right. The entire first 60 seconds is designed to ensure that nobody leaves.

As for the main content, with any luck the presenter should have enough personality to carry it all off; if not, a second presenter can often add some interest and break the ice. Don’t be afraid to tighten things up in the edit, but that’s a luxury for those with the time. Viewers want to know what’s in it for them – they’re not expecting to be enthralled and their expectations will be very low. In the edit added afterwards, the start can be given even more teasers, such as titles or captions, whatever works.

In reality, it’s quite possible to put some points together for a 10-minute video, script the introduction, film the presentation and edit it in just a couple of hours.