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Choosing a tool for team communication

Everyone got used to using Zoom and Teams for video conferencing in the past two or three years, but in business, one of the breakout communications applications has been more text and document based: Slack. I’m on at least half a dozen Slack groups now for some very different organisations, and although I don’t use half of its features, it’s completely taken over for messaging.

The three services above offer different approaches to communications, but they’re not the only ones in town. 15 Best (& Budget-Friendly) Slack Alternatives for 2022 on Smart Blogger looks at a whole range, from the well-known such as Webex, Teams and Google Chat, to some services with a much lower profile. With so many different feature sets, it’ll be hard for many organisations to definitively nail down exactly the right one for them, but one thing’s for sure: if Slack didn’t exist, I’d be looking at these, because I couldn’t do without at least some form of communication and collaboration service nowadays.