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Writing great page titles in 2022

Despite all the discussion about Google rewriting our page titles when it presents them in the search results, it’s not that common if we write good titles, and so the exercise is as important as ever. Indeed, if you bought me a beer and asked me to take a look at your site’s SEO, its page titles would be one of the top three things I’d investigate.

So, once you’ve got yourself a list of the titles for every page on your site, how would you set about improving them? I’d concentrate on these six things.

  1. Writing something that promises that reading the page will be a rewarding experience
  2. Ensuring the title is simple, specific and friendly
  3. Making every page title unique
  4. Including the target keywords for that page (and every page should have these)
  5. Focusing on the subject of the page, not your business name
  6. Keeping to a maximum of 60 to 65 characters