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Refreshing old pages: an SEO classic

How far back does the content on your website go? If it’s many years, there could be good case for some housekeeping. Sure, all content can pull in visitors, so that’s good, right? Well, not if it’s immediately obvious it’s outdated and just leads visitors to leave again. Don’t forget, an old article can be pushing a newer, more relevant one out of the search results.

One tactic is to go through the old stuff and just remove it, redirecting the URL to something better where appropriate. However, a potentially better tactic is a refresh of the page. This would involve a bit of rewriting, whatever revisions are necessary, and perhaps adding some new images. Data can be amended if necessary, as can links. Take a look at the search terms getting people to the page. Could these be highlighted or improved?

Add in an ‘updated on’ date, republish, and the page should instantly be more attractive to search engines and real visitors alike.