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ICYMI – All the blog posts from June 2022

Description meta tags: are they still worth the effort?

A good description on a search results page will get more clicks, and we can help craft that. We have about 160 characters to work with.

Ensuring our web pages have a single unique address

We must ensure that if someone types in a version of a page address other than the official (‘canonical’) version they don’t see a duplicate.

Are your titles asking to be rewritten?

Google has provided some examples of when it’s more likely to rewrite the title it displays in its results from the one we’ve provided.

Will technical writers ever be out of a job?

I may use AI to write a blog post in the next few days. See if you notice. Or then again, maybe I won’t. Who’ll know?

Why run a search advertising campaign?

Having a solid answer to this can help when we need to explain the strategy to colleagues, or even to justify it in our own minds.

An update on using YouTube hashtags

In YouTube, the hashtags appear above the video title, which is a fairly prominent position that might cause viewers to click on them

Carousels and SEO

Do the search engines see all the panels? The answer is… possibly. That’s another reasons why I’d always recommend not using them.

Data retention in the new Google Analytics 4

In the new Google Analytics 4, certain custom reporting will only keep data for 2 months by default. Here’s how to fix that.

Dynamic image extensions in Google Ads

This should work well, particularly where the landing pages have an obvious, relevant ‘master’ image that Google will most likely choose.

Account-Based Marketing in 2022

For companies aiming at large customer accounts with protracted sales cycles, thinking about marketing in this way can offer many advantages.

What information do I actually need to know?

The new Google Analytics will most likely require re-creating the reports we need, so it’s an opportunity to ask what it is that we need.

Beating the big boys at SEO

We’ll need really good content, with something targeted at each search term. It’s work, but if it wasn’t, everyone would already be there.

Does your home page look like you think it does?

Once we know the most common browser window size used by visitors, we can take a look at what they’re seeing. It might not be what we’d want.

People prefer Google’s word salad

Keep writing those nicely-crafted description meta tags, but don’t feel you’re losing out if Google does its own thing.

Writing great page titles in 2022

If you bought me a beer and asked me to take a look at your site’s SEO, page titles would be one of the top three things I’d investigate.

Refreshing old pages: an SEO classic

A bit of rewriting and perhaps adding some new images can make an old page more attractive to search engines and real visitors alike.

Updating Favicons for 2022

It’s more important than ever that we all have our favicons set up correctly. Google now says not to provide a 16×16 pixel favicon.

Getting more control over your online outreach

To publish content to social media services at a different time to when we create the content, a social media management tool is needed.

Emojis in email? Best avoided

In social media, they’re accepted and effective. In emails, they just look like we can’t be bothered to explain ourselves properly.