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Will longer search pages help?

Google says that “most people who want additional information tend to browse up to four pages of search results”, but we all know that at the traffic levels at which most of us operate, anything after the first page will get minimal visits. So I always find it encouraging when there are reports of Google testing out much longer results pages (it calls them “continuous scrolling”). It’s certainly been doing this over the last year.

I’d have thought this would be very helpful for results in positions 11 downwards, especially because all the clutter on Google results pages nowadays makes it harder than ever to find the “Next (page)” link. This is a particular problem on desktop searches (try it: I’d bet more people hit the “see more” link under “related searches” by mistake).

On the downside, unless they start to be inserted within the results, it offers less opportunity to display search adverts. I assume this issue will dictate the way things go.

The conversation is a reminder to keep track of important searches where we’re appearing in positions 11–20, and to concentrate on getting these up over the line. Google Search Console is your friend here.