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The three outcomes from good SEO

SEO has a number of aims, and it’s often easy to focus on one at the expense of the others. The one which most of us begin (and perhaps end) with is getting higher rankings. That’s fine, but it’s not everything.

We also have improving click-through rates. Getting more clicks from the rankings we already have is quite possible. Titles can be made more eye-catching, and descriptions more compelling. We shouldn’t forget that both can be rewritten by Google too, so it’s important to be aware of how much that’s happening, and whether it’s helping or hindering the cause.

Thirdly, there’s ranking for more search terms. This involves being aware of the searches that are being made, and targeting those either by modifying existing content or creating new stuff.

The nice thing is that these are all very measurable. So if we set someone (or ourselves!) a project to improve things, we can easily see if it’s been worthwhile.