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SEO for the home page

In the last article I mentioned retooling the home pages on our websites to reflect what visitors had come for. One of the aims of this would be to simplify the options available – but could that hurt the homepage SEO?

The answer is to think of the site as Google would see it. Unlike internal content pages, of course Google doesn’t require hundreds or even thousands of words to establish the relevance of the page to a search term. That’s not how home pages work. On the other hand, it is important to get something on the page which the search engine can get hold of. A simple description of what the site/business is all about will suffice, but ensure the important search terms all feature. That may require some research!

Google will funnel back the themes that it finds on the site to the home page. However, having the business name and some main product or service search terms included with some prominence (e.g. H1 tags, page title and description meta tag) is still very important.