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Personalised video: easy, and very effective

I’ve been reading quite a lot recently about success stories with personalised video. Before you run away in horror at the thought of making videos on a per-prospect basis, it doesn’t necessarily mean that level of personalisation …although it could do! Instead, I think of personalised videos as being set up for identifiable groups of people.

For example, they could be sales presentations created for prospects at different levels of the buying ‘journey’. This would mean having one video that explained the technology for early-stage enquirers, and another demonstrating practical features and benefits for prospects needing a final push.

Another example might be to produce a video to send to exhibition leads, ready for them when they returned to their offices. Record it at the event, and it could be really timely and effective.

A final idea could be a video introducing sales and support people in a particular region (“Here are your local support team”). This time the video is ‘personalised’ to prospects in one area.

You may be able to think of other ideas. But if you can segment enquirers in different ways (location, source of lead, understanding, etc), there’s an opportunity to produce a video targeted at a smaller group than the normal catch-all approach.